Group Profile

Hongyuan’s predecessor was “Taiwan Violin Automobile Seat Cover Company”, which was founded in 1960 and located in Taiwan. In 1994, Hongyuan entered the mainland market and set up headquarters in Guangzhou. Over the years, the company has taken advantage of its own advantages, introduced modernized management models, constantly updated its advanced production equipment, and strictly implemented the IATF16949 quality management system .Meanwhile,Hongyuan set up five major systems: marketing system, R&D system, production system, financial system, and human resources system.Five systems are reponsible for the overall management of the development and operation of the national branch companies with meticulous and extremely elaborate spirits.


Since the establishment of the Hongyuan Group, it has continued to innovate and develop diversified products in the automotive-related industries.

In 1994,  entering the automotive aftermarket with“violin printed seat covers”,  merged with the market development and rich experience of its own pre-assembly set. Hongyuan shifted the business  to the vehicle integrated installation PIO (port installed option) and sales office DIO (dealer installed option) supplies The loading business provides customers with original quality, high performance and safety products and provides quality services. Currently,Hongyuan's main products lines:automotive electronics products,automobile interior and exterior decoration products, and other automobile accessories products.

In 1999, Hongyuan entered the automotive market to meet the customer's near-line requirements. We have established 10 branches office armed with production and sales throughout the country, and has become the leading supplier of world-class electronic products brand, the world's major auto manufacturers;The main products include automotive interior products such as seat covers, door panels, and shift heads, and electronic molded products.

In 2008, Hongyuan invested in the establishment of Hongxing Auto Leather manufacturing company,which is well-known in the automotive industry due to its integrated production systems of leather water treatment, finishing, cutting, sewing and processing,and Hongxing Auto Leather could meet the requests of auto manufacturers .

In 2013, Hongyuan established” violin car repair & maintenance chain stores”, introducing Taiwan's auto department store model, relying on the local community, and maximizing the combination of local market conditions to offer professional, affordable, convenient and high-quality automotive service and products for car owners. The main businesses line of chain stores :washing and beautify cars, repairs, maintenance, tires,car accessories,car insurance, spray, second-hand cars etc.

In the future, Hongyuan will closely follow the pace of market development to achieve product diversification and process innovation, and continue to expand the company's business lines. Always adhering to the business philosophy of “cultivating talents, cooperating , satisfying customers, and repaying society” and the mission of “pursuit of excellence, beautification of cars, building dreams, and achieving mutual benefits”, we are striving to realize “become a customers' appointed auto parts supplier” "vision. At the same time, employees are allowed to achieve better career through Hongyuan . Hongyuan will continue to operate through the efforts of its employees, thus realize the social value of Hongyuan.

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